Growing Nellie Kelly Blueberries on the Mornington peninsula

blueberry-plantThe Nellie Kelly Blueberry is a delightful, evergreen bush that grows to 1 metre, producing pink flowers in winter and delicious fruit in late spring and summer.  The bush is frost tolerant and needs to be planted in areas that have an overnight temperature of 5C degrees and below in winter making it ideal for our local conditions in and around the Mornington Peninsula.  The low temperature helps promote flowers.
Nellie Kelly Blueberries are suitable for either garden beds or large pots where they can get part sun.  They last for about 10 to 15 years and can produce up to 4kg of fruit  per season.  For best results plant in a slightly acidic soil.  A premium azalea potting mix is ideal.  Keep the bush moist and feed with a slow release acidifying fertiliser during winter and late summer.
Prune the bush vigorously after fruiting, removing up to a third of the bush. Blueberries are delicious eaten fresh, on  breakfast cereal, in muffins and cakes and in salads
This variety is readily available at any nursery on the peninsula. As they only grow to 1 metre they make a great project for children as they are easy to reach and don’t have any thorns as do a lot of other berry varieties.