index2One of the most maligned plants growing in and around the Mornington Peninsula is  humble agapanthus. Far from looking humble they are extraordinarily elegant, ranging in colour from   silver white (Silver Lining) to almost black (Midnight Cascade)
Midnight Cascade produces an almost black weeping flower which is the darkest in its class.  It will grow to a height of approx. 80cm Silver Lining produces unusually tubular nodding flower heads and grows to a height of 1 metre.
There is an agapanthus for every garden as the colour and size are extensive.  They are extremely hardy and are frost and drought proof, conditions experienced in The Mornington Peninsula area
The display produced is amazing and its not unusual around Xmas time to find beautiful driveways in Mt Eliza lined with these magnificent plants.  Their display lasts for weeks adding to their attractiveness.
The only downside is the need to dead head the spent flowers as the seeds produced can become troublesome, the reason some consider them weeds however the many benefits far outweigh this negative aspect.
Agapanthus are readily available at the many nurseries in and around the Mornington Peninsula, so keep an eye out for them.