Gardening in and around Mt Eliza and the Mornington Peninsula in October

If you want a  garden full of colour throughout summer, now is the time to get your hands dirty.
A keen gardener is always thinking ahead to future seasons.  If you want your garden to be full of colour throughout the coming summer months, October is he  to perfect time to plant your summer flowering varieties.  This ensures they have time to establish and produce spectacular blooms.
Some recommendations for this area around Mt Eliza and Mornington are salvias, gerberas, gardenias, lavender and dahlias.  These varieties are suited to a more old fashioned cottage style garden while natives such as bottlebrush,  banksias, grevillias, wattles and kangaroo paws will attract native birdlife.  check out your local nursery of which there is a plentiful supply from Frankston to Sorrento.
Mulching is an important part of caring for your garden.  Add mulch to prevent roots drying out and to help them retain water.
Organic mulch will break down over time and enrich your soil.  The finer the blend the more easily it breaks down.
Avoid red gum and colour dyed pine chips as they don’t have nutritional value, and beware of councils free mulch as it may contain weed seeds.
Although you should have already pruned your deciduous plants, wisteria are the exception.
These climbers are usually left unpruned until after their magnificent flowers have appeared in spring.  If you have new plants and they don’t flower don’t despair.  It may take several seasons for blooms to appear.
Once the flowers have finished, prune back to the shape or size you want to maintain throughout the growing season.
Your roses should have already produced their first bloom.  Along with looking brilliant, your roses will smell amazing and provide a great attraction when displayed in a vase inside your home.
By picking your first bloom now, it will promote more blooms over the coming season