Roses Pruning Transplant​ing


Now is the time to transplant any rose that you may have put in the wrong position.  Make sure you prune it then place it in a position that receives at least 8 hours of sun daily.  Water in well with a mixture of water and seasol.

Any rose that has been planted in a pot for more than 3 years needs to be repotted with new fertile soil.  Once again prune then remove the roots by a quarter and replant again watering in well.

It is rose pruning month in July.  If you are unable to get a qualified rose pruner to do the job for you there are a few simple steps to remember.  Firstly make sure your secateurs have been dipped in a solution of 10% bleach to water.  This stops cross contamination.

The rose should look like a vase when complete allowing as much sun into the centre.  Cut all growth nodules to face towards the outside of the bush and always cut on an angle.

When complete rake up all the leaves on the ground and spray with lime sulpher to prevent the spread of fungal diseases.  Do not use any of the cutting for compost.

When the new growth appears in spring spray with rose shield to protect from black spot and other infections.

A scattering of slow release rose food at this point is beneficial.

Happy pruning….